Lux Automatic Brightness

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Lux Automatic Brightness

The ultimate custom lux automatic brightness dimmer solution for Android smartphones.
Avoid the nuisance of adjust your screen brightness.
The innovation introduced by F-Lux automatic brightness dimmer consist in the correction of the calibration error of the light sensor during the usage.
F-Lux is smart enough to adjust the brightness of your screen based on the environment you are in. If you go in the daylight room the app will auto increase the brightness of your screen to make it easly visibile,while if you move in a dimly room F-Lux will dim the light of your screen even below 0% to make it comfortable to read and to also preserve the battery.
The configuration is minimized in order to ensure for simplicity of use that is missing in all the other apps that automatically adjust the screen brightness or dim the light of the screen.
The reduction of the battery consumption is ensured by the auto brightness and by configuring the minimum brightness subzero it is possible to further increase the savings, especially on Samsung devices.


  • Automatic management of the screeen brightness calibration
  • Manual Brightness selector to calibrate the appropriate screen brightness level
  • Customizable smoothness fade for backlight calibration
  • Subzero brightness dimmer for night viewing and battery savings
  • Dim color and screen filter color for persons with eye problems and sensitivity to daylight
  • Simple configuration: download F-Lux and enjoy it no configuration is needed (the default configuration is enough) and the app automatically learns
  • Battery efficient, in fact with F-Lux dimmer you can save around 15% of battery
  • No ads or nuisances


Smoothness: enabling this option will change the brightness sweeter
Minimum Brightness (related to the light lux perceived in the environment): adjusts the minimum brightness of the screen for the automatic brightness handler, if you set this value subzero F-Lux will apply a filter to auto dim the light of the screen
Maximum Brightness: adjusts the maximum brightness of the screen
Dimmer Color: when the brightness go subzero the dim color is applied
Filter Color: choose the color of the filter to apply when F-Lux is active
Filter Color Opacity: adjusts the filter opacity level

F-Lux auto brightness dimmer: when you discover it you will never live without it.

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